Luck, Luck in the Red Coat

A Lithuanian tale, this version is taken from the 1938 anthology Wonder Tales from Baltic Wizards by Frances Jenkins Olcott.

There was once a man who had two sons. He led a lovely orderly life. He brought up his sons well, and gave them good teaching. At last he died. After his death, his children took over the property. They lived together, and never quarrelled.

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How a Woodpecker Chopped a Spruce-tree

A Lithuanian fairy tale, this version is from Tales of The Amber Sea, compiled and translated by Irina Zheleznova in 1974.

A woodpecker once flew up to a spruce-tree, lighted on its very top, and, rocking back and forth, sang:“I will chop this spruce-tree down

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The Three Princes and Their Beasts

A Lithuanian fairy tale, this version was published in the Violet Fairy Book by Andrew Lang, in 1901.

Once on a time there were three princes, who had a step-sister. One day they all set out hunting together. When they had gone some way through a thick wood they came on a great grey wolf with three cubs. Just as they were going to shoot, the wolf spoke and said, ‘Do not shoot me, and I will give each of you one of my young ones. It will be a faithful friend to you.’

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